We Are Both Excited for This Next Phase

I am married to the love of my life. We met in university, and the sparks flew that first day. We knew we were meant to be together within just a few dates. Fast forward five years, and we are both graduated now. We were married a month after graduation, and we both have excellent jobs. Lately, my wife has been talking about starting our family, which was pretty awesome because I had been having those same thoughts. During this discussion, she also told me about parc life, an executive condo development that is not far from where we both work.

We had talked about children early on in our relationship, and we both agreed that the mother should stay home and take care of them. Neither one of us wanted a nanny to raise our children. We both wanted two children, and we have even talked about adopting a third because there are just too many abandoned children in this world. She had looked at four bedroom units at Signature, and she really liked what she saw. When she showed me, I could easily see why. This EC has everything for a young couple focused on family.

The unit itself is gorgeous and laid out in a very nice way. There are three bathrooms, and a gorgeous view from the large balcony. There are so many community features, and we both knew that those two things along with the laid back setting was perfect for us. We are both planners, so that is why we are going to continue working until we can move into the unit that we have secured for ourselves, and hopefully it will not be too much longer after that when we hear the pitter patter of little feet in our condo. We are both so excited about this next phase of our lives!